Family Recipe Cookbook



Last year when my brother-in-law was getting married we threw his fiance’ a “grocery” shower and I decided that I was going to type up all of our family¬†favorite recipes and compile a cookbook for her. After all, what new bride doesn’t need a cookbook or two! ha ha. It took me FOR-EV-ER to get it done, and when I last counted I think I had over 75 recipes. But, now…I have it all saved on my computer and it makes for a quick and easy gift! I made this one up because one of my cousins is getting married and we are having another shower this coming up Thursday. I made the cover with scrapbook paper and I cut out letters on my cricut (oh I do LOVE my cricut…) Then I just took it all over to FEDex and had them laminate and spiral bind it, which cost me only around $7 bucks. I think I am also going to tie a couple wooden spoons onto the front and I think it will be absolutely perfect!

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