Busy Bag Geoboards


I know. I know. I KNOW what you are thinking. Didn’t I just write a whole post about how I am NOT in love with crafting, and how I am NOT going to be posting very many craft tutorials anymore etc, etc, yada, yada, yada!?! I know…well, maybe I was feeling a bit extreme. I hope you didn’t get me wrong, that maybe I would never ever, ever never post about crafts again. That maybe I HATE crafting, ’cause I definitely don’t…I really just wanted to open my blog up to be something a little bigger, more options, less restrictions…you know. I wanted to be able to write about other stuff if I wanted to…and I do want to…and I will…just not today :)

Today I just wanted to share these Geoboards that I made for a busy bag exchange I participated in about a month or so ago…aren’t they fun!
IMG_0781 - Version 2
So here is what  you need:

  • A precut wood plaque from a craft store such as Hobby Lobby {oh how I love you dear Hobby Lobby} or if you are making a bunch of them, like I was and you don’t want to spend a gazillion dollars on precut plaques, you can go to Hope Depot and buy a 2×8 board (or whatever size you want) and then cut it down to size yourself. (I picked out a piece of wood…or um…”fake wood stuff”, that was solid white all the way through…that way I wouldn’t have to sand it, or paint it, after I cut it.
  • Lots of little nails. I bought a 1 lb box of 4d 1-1/2″ Bright Finish nails. Just make sure they have small heads…
  • 1 or 2 bags of nifty pot holder loops that can also be found at Hobby Lobby.
  • A hammer, a pencil, and a piece of paper.



The first and only hard step, is to figure out your grid on a piece of paper. I suppose if you are making just one you could do it on your board, but since I was making a bunch of them, I wanted a template that I could use on all of them. This took me a couple of tries to get right…for those of us not so gifted in the math department it can be a bit of work…if you are good at math it will be a cinch. lucky you :)

IMG_0794After I figured out the grid, I taped it onto my board, and then I just poked my pencil through the paper where the lines intersected and made a little mark. Then after I removed the paper I just hammered a nail into all my little marks. Hammer, hammer, hammer…and then hammer, hammer, hammer some more…doing your best to keep the nails all at the same length, while also not hammering them completely through your board. It is tough, but I know you can do it! And voila, easy peasy, you are done!

IMG_0781 - Version 2p.s. Have fun playing with your new geoboard!!!

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