Behold the Power of Oxi Clean!


Tile….ughh, while I like it, I also hate it!  And the tile at my place is a pain in the pa’tush! I don’t think that the grout was properly done or sealed, meaning: it gets SUPER DIRTY, SUPER EASY! And I hate cleaning it, because the only thing I’ve been able to use that really works is bleach. I’m not really a fan of bleach because it smells so strong, makes me a little dizzy while I’m cleaning if you know what I mean! And no matter how hard I try not too…I ALWAYS seem to get it on myself and ruin my clothes. UGH.  Nothing worse than bleach specks on your shirt…

Well, this go around I tried Oxi Clean. You know, the stuff on the infomercials, that you use on your clothes. I was looking at the box and it says you can mix it with water and use it to clean all sorts of stuff: lawn furniture, carpet, sports equipment and I though hmm. So I gave it a shot:


Dirty Tile: Before Oxi Clean


Clean Tile: After Oxi Clean

I must admit I am impressed. It worked every bit as good as bleach PLUS I wasn’t afraid to get it on my clothes AND I was even able to let my 3 year old help me clean! (In fact she thought scrubbing the tile with a toothbrush was a lot of fun=) Imagine that…I didn’t have to wait until nap time to mop the floor. It was great… You all gotta try this stuff!


  1. I’ll have to try that out! Our grout gets pretty nasty, too. I just discovered the beauty that is the Magic Eraser — ever tried one? I tried the Target brand and they are fantastic!!


    Anne Reply:

    AH! I LOVE magic erasers! They truly are magic!


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