Just a Cute Little Bear Birthday Cake


My little girl just turned 3 last Friday, and I was remembering the cute birthday cake I made for her when she turned 1. Ha Ha. Haven’t been good at making cute birthday cakes this year…so I’ll just have to share the ones I’ve made in the past! Maybe next year I will be up to the challenge again of doing something creative!

Bear Birthday Cake

This cake is made with 2 round cakes (for the head and belly) and 7 cupcakes (for the paws, nose, and ears). I also used yellow gumdrops for the paws, black gumdrops for the eyes, and black frosting gel for the nose and mouth. I used pink frosting for the belly and ears, yellow frosting for the rest of it, and then I dyed coconut yellow and put it on top. I couldn’t find the exact instructions…But hopefully you get the idea. It was pretty easy…though not as easy as just making cupcakes. (which is what I did this year!) ha ha.

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