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Yummy In My Tummy: Brownie Pops


A few months ago my daughter and I were mindlessly watching a few shows on some random cooking channel {yeah, it was one of those days} when they started baking up these yummy looking brownie pops. mmm. It really surprised me how in to the show my little 4 year old got, she kept saying “mom let’s make those….let’s make that….mom, those look so good…mom we should have that for dinner!” {yup, she’s my kind of girl}. Anyhow, she really wanted to make the yummy brownie pops, and so I thought for her 5th birthday party would would give them a try.

don’t they look divine??? yum.

Just a few baking tips:

1. Gluten Free Brownie mixes don’t work in this pan. Yup, that was a mess. sad. oh well.

2. Make your brownies following the “cake like” instructions, not the “fudge like” instructions. That was another mess too.

3. Remember to spray the pan for EVERY BATCH of brownies that you make. ugh, it was just not my day.

4. Make sure you give yourself lots of time to make them, especially if you are going to make as many mistakes as me :-)  Because FYI: The brownies cook for about 35 minutes and then have to cool completely before you remove them from the Brownie Pop Mold. That can take a long long time…

But oh, I’d say they were worth all the effort, yummy:



  1. I like the part about taking a lot of time. I hate those recipies that always underestimate how long it REALLY takes!


  2. These look yummy! Clint says you should make these, but with rice crispies. That way you could shape them with cookie cutters and then stick sticks in them and dip them in chocolate. You both are making me hungry!


  3. Wow – these are soo cute!! I’m going to try them out at my next party!
    Great pictures!
    All the best,


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