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As I have been scouring the internet the past couple of months, I have come across so many absolutely AMAZING craft ideas and blogs—Some people are just way too creative for their own good. (Ha, ha…I secretly hope that someday I myself, can fall into that category =) Anyhow, I have found so many cool things that I have ¬†practically google bookmarked myself to death! I’m sure many of you have done the same thing… But some things are just too great to pass up! Someday, I’ve promised myself I WILL have the time! (I bet a lot of you have said that too…but really…I WILL! and you will too…I’m sure of it!)

Anyhow, I’ve decided to start sharing some of the things I have bookmarked so that you too can be inspired to do something crafty. Half the battle is just finding somebody to copy–Right!?! he he.

Last week, I found this awesome site called SuttonGrace and I think I practically bookmarked her entire site. Here are 2 things from her blog that I particularly LOVED:

Re-purposed Entertainment Center (uh, hello…this is Incredible! Last ¬†year I wanted to get a kitchen for my daughter for Christmas but they were so expensive! I about died when I saw this…wow!)

Child's Play Kitchen

Family Tree (100% cute!!!)

Family Tree


  1. These are some great links — thanks!


  2. you are so sweet! thank you!


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