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My cousin made one of these cute birthday calendars for my grandmother, and I thought it was so adorable that I asked her for a copy so I could make one of my own! The calendar is just drawn on an 11×17 piece of paper,you can buy a single piece of paper this size at a copy store like Kinko’s, but you could also use any size of paper that you wanted. (A good way to go is to make sure that your paper will fit nicely inside the frame that you want) If you are really good at free hand drawing this would be a GREAT project for you. If not, I might suggest finding something square that you could trace for the month boxes, and then printing off the month names using a cute font from your computer and then putting it behind the paper and tracing them. I don’t actually know where the original artwork for this calendar came from—but most of the drawings are fairly simple. Here are some close-ups of the art so ¬†you can get some ideas:

January Calendar Pic February Calendar Pic March Calendar Pic

April Calendar Pic May Calendar Pic June Calendar Pic

July Calendar Pic August Calendar Pic September Calendar Pic

October Calendar Pic November Calendar Pic December Calendar Pic

After you are done, you simply write the name and date for each birthday inside the box for the corresponding month. It is a really simple idea—but super cute, and you can use it year after year and NEVER miss a birthday!


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  1. a vey good idea for a birthday calendar


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