Embroidered Monograms


I told you I love monograms! :)

P Monogram

Remember this monogram I embroidered a while back? Well, I finally did something with it. For our wedding we got this lovely distressed frame (that just so happens to perfectly match my front room) and it has been sitting in the same spot for 2 years with an engagement photo in it. No more!

Monogram WIP

I think I really like seeing embroidery wip (work in progress)… so I’m sharing mine. Yup, another monogram (but this time it isn’t for me. I like to share the monogram love from time-to-time).

Anyone have any fun monogram ideas?

Author: Jess

I love nerds (well, one in particular), sewing, crafting, blog-stalking, and being happy.


  1. I liked the monogram I had placed on our wedding announcements with the last name letter “F” really big and bold with our first name letters “A” and “D” much smaller on either side. So classy. I’m a big fan of the monograms as well.

    Another fun thing I’ve seen (even embroidered!!!) is to embroider words beginning with the letter to describe members of the family. Example: for my “F,” the words fun, fabulous, friendly, faithful, fantastic, fearless, etc.


  2. I would love to win Prize Pack 2 because I don’t think I need to be wiaerng a Bikini but I would be happy winning any of these prizes! Thanks for the opportunity!


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