Fabric Weaved Notebook


fabric weaved notebook

I am absolutely 100% in LOVE with this fabric covered notebook. My mom was in charge of coming up with a fun girl’s camp craft and she asked me for some ideas. I sent her a link showing how to make this awesome Woven Scrap Journal —something, I myself, have been wanting to try for quite awhile. Anyhow, being the creative person that my mom is, she took the idea and turned it into something a little bit more “camp” friendly. And I just love how cute it is! Instead of making the entire journal from scratch out of cardboard and then glueing in paper—she just used a .50¢ Mead notebook—then she simply turned the cover of the notebook into a cardboard loom and weaved in her strips of fabric. She then glued a piece of scrapbook paper on the inside to cover up her fabric ends, and then she hot glued biased tape along the top and bottom, just making a tiny slit in the biased tape to fit around the notebook paper.

You have got to make one of these…I’ve got to make one of these! Absolutely adorable!

Supply List:

*mead notebook

*fabric strips (a fat quarter will be more than enough!)

*hot glue

*biased tape (or you could just fold over a piece of matching fabric)

*scrapbook paper


  1. I’m totally making these with my SIL’s Young Women on Wednesday. Thanks for the idea!


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