Tutorial: Mod Podge Notebook Makeover


Finished Notebook

I just love Notebook Makeovers! I think maybe it is because I have always loved notebooks. Don’t laugh, but one of my true sorrows since graduating is that I no longer get the thrill (yes thrill) of buying a new notebook every semester. I mean really, a girl does need a new notebook every now and again! Hmm, I know it might be a bit cheesy but I just love school supplies!?! Who’s with me??? Anybody? =]  ha ha.

You Will Need:

  • 1 notebook
  • 2 pieces of scrapbook paper
  • mod podge
  • paint brush
  • ribbon

Step 1

Step 1: Paint a thin layer of mod podge onto the cover of your notebook

Step 2

Step 2: Place your scrapbook paper onto the cover, making sure to get it as close to the spirals as possible:

Step 3

Step 3 Continued

Repeat for back cover of your notebook:

Step 3 Continued

Step 3: Cut excess paper off your notebook, using the inside of your notebook cover and a guide:

Step 4

Step 4: Paint a layer of mod podge along the spiraled edge of your notebook, this is where you will place your ribbon:

Step 5

Lay your ribbon down, and then do another layer of mod podge over your ribbon and over your scrapbook paper:

Step 5 Continued

Step 5: Cut your ribbon so it doesn’t hang over the end of your notebook. After you cut it, you can dab the ends with a little bit of mod podge so it wont fray. Then allow your notebook to dry.

Step 5 Continued

Step 6: Spray your finished project with a clear acrylic sealer (using paper towels to protect your inner pages). That way when you fold over your notebook your front cover and back cover wont stick to each other.

And Voila!!! A one of a kind, personalized notebook—perfect for even those of us who are no longer in school!

Finished Notebook

A few tips:

  • If your notebook cover starts to curl, after it is dry, just place it under a stack of heavy books for a few days and it should flatten back down. Mine curled a bit, I think because my scrapbook paper was a bit thick and I maybe used a little too much mod podge. I know I know, I was getting a bit too mod podge happy! But it did lay flat after a few days under the books.
  • If your scrapbook paper didn’t stick completely to your notebook cover just use a glue stick to fix it. Again, I think mine didn’t stick as well because my paper was kind of thick. I made one for my daughter using thinner paper and it didn’t have any problems with curling or coming undone. So there you go…(If any of you have any other additional tips I would love to hear them so just leave me a comment!)
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Here is a composition notebook I covered  a few years ago using the same techniques:

Finished Notebook


  1. Pretty sure my love for school supplies (and my love for “cutening” said supplies) aided in my decision to become a teacher.


  2. Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher too! Then I took Child Development in college, and they made us do daycare and one day one of the little boys told me to go away…and uh, embarrassed to say this but I think I started crying. ha ha. Decided right then I was in the wrong major. Probable was just my love for school supplies that made me think that was what I should be…not my actual love for teaching. he he.


  3. Hi. I am from Brasil. I loved it. I`d like to learn more about notebook


  4. And I thought I was the only one who loves school supplies!! Thank God I’m not the only one. =)


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