Wish I Could be Crafting…{Link Party}


I cannot believe how busy I have been lately. Since we have started building our house, and the other 5 houses in our group¬†(Ours is Lot 6), it seems like I don’t even have time to do the dishes, let alone blog, or try to do anything that even remotely sounds like something one could call “crafty”. I have been going to bed super early because I can’t seem to stay awake past 8, and all I can say….is I am not a natural when it comes to construction. {sniff. sniff.} Or as one of my friends would put it…construction work is simply not my ¬†hidden talent, hidden only because I’ve never done it before…I was hoping that it would be, that I would pick up a hammer, tape measure, chisel, saw, drill and KA POW! I would be magically ZAPPED with this innate ability to know how to use them. Oh I wish… :-) But alas, the last 3 weeks have been a challenge. Construction is a whole new world, and it is absolutely foreign to me. I am struggling to stay positive, and happy, and enthusiastic…the rain, snow and gloom of winter is taking it’s toll…and I MUST NOT LET IT!

Anyhow, I thought a fun way to cheer myself up would be to let all of you share with me some of the wonderful crafts you have been doing! So, I thought I would have a link party and since I don’t really have time to do any crafting myself…I could feature some of your links in the weeks to come, and dream {and hope} for the day when I will have time to craft again!


1. link up whatever you like…crafts, recipes, decorations etc. Anything goes. :-)
2. link back to this post, so that others can find their way here and link too!
3. Ready, Set, GOOOOOO!

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