Best Creative Craft Ideas from 2009 (MckLinky Contest)


Ever since 2010 began I have been thinking about how wonderful 2009 was…it really is going to be a hard year to beat, but of course I am going to try. he he. I have also had fun reminiscing about some of the fun crafts I was able to make last year in good ol’ 2009:

Colored Pencil Notebook

Ruffle Onesie

Baby Bib with Ribbon

Crochet Hats

Anyhow, since last year was such a fun crafting year for me —I wanted to put together a “Top 12” crafts list as a tribute to 2009 that could also double as a fun list of crafty inspiration for 2010! Each month during 2010 I will feature one of the winners on my blog, I will make my own version of your craft (if possible), and uh…it will be fun! ha ha.


  1. Add a link to your very best crafty post in 2009. The best of the best of the best. (Please don’t add more than 2 links)
  2. At the bottom of the post you linked me too, please add a text link back to this post so others can find their way back here to my “Creative Craft Contest”
  3. Check back here on January 20th to see if your crafty link made it into my top 12 (Okay, okay…if you forget I will contact you via a comment on your blog!) and, if you win, look forward to your craft being featured sometime during 2010!

Ready, Set, GO!


  1. ah, it’s too bad that this link is now closed.

    I’ve researched and researched and found the best 101 !!! free craft tutorials online in 2009 . Get your list here at:

    best of all, many are about upcycling old materials, and as well all want to be a bit greener this year (* or at least, i do), it’s a list to bookmark!

    have a happy weekend,
    .-= Rose, fr Fine Craft Guild´s last blog ..How to Make a Modern Room Screen for $30 =-.


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