Crochet Hook Case

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Crochet Hook Case

Today I felt like posting about an old craft project. It was for a giveaway on my personal blog (where the winners won something I would personally make for them) and Anne happened to be one of the winners. Anne, as I’m sure you noticed (check here, here, here, and here) is a great crocheter, so I decided to make her a crochet hook case. It has been awhile since I made this, but here is what I remember.

What I used:
  • two coordinating fabrics, one in cotton, the other corduroy (to add stability). From what I remember it was less than a fat quarter for each piece of fabric.
  • coordinating ribbon (2 pieces about 10-12 inches long)
How I did it:
  • sew wrong sides of fabric together (leaving a 4 inch gap on one side to turn right side out)
  • turn right side out, press
  • fold up one of the long sidesĀ for the pocket (used a crochet hook to measure how deep to make the pocket), press and pin
  • fold down the other long side about 2 inches, press and pin
  • tuck ribbons in pocket edge
  • sew pockets and flap down
  • measure crochet hooks against pocket to determine section width, mark and sew
  • insert crochet hooks, roll up case and tie ribbons

Crochet Hook Case

(Sorry for the blurry quality of these pictures. From what I remember this fabric was really hard to get a clear picture of…)

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  1. And just so you know…I absolutely LOVE it!


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