Ear Warmers


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ear warmers

I know I should probably be finishing up my Halloween projects… but Utah just had its first snowfall yesterday and I was so not ready for it (luckily it didn’t stick). I’ve been meaning to make ear warmers for some time now and the snow helped give me the proper motivation.

I love the look of hats and beanies but my forehead doesn’t like the way they feel (do they make anyone else’s forehead itch?). But, my ears are wind and cold weather wimps so I knew I needed something, so in desperation I thought of ear warmers. At first I pictured ear warmers I wore as a kid (the brightly colored fuzzy kind)… not really my style anymore. But then I ran across this. It was love at first sight. I knew I had to make my own. And here it is (finally):

ear warmers

I simply crocheted a wide headband (the pattern I used is found here) and then attached a crocheted flower. I LOVE it!

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  1. These are SO adorable! How long did it take you to make??? I think I may add a few of these to my christmas gifts…what brand of yarn do you use? I love the color!


  2. It didn’t take very long but I did it between projects so I don’t have a time frame…
    I used Caron brand yarn (I think). It isn’t the softest but it was cheap :)
    Also, one thing I would do differently (now that I’ve had the chance to wear it) is to make it snugger. Mine is a little loose so I might have to sew some elastic in the back to help it stay on better.


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  4. Um, yeah, love this too! Soo cute! I want one…


  5. Very cute! this is just what I was looking for when I ran across your blog! Thanks for finding the pattern! Could you share your flower pattern as well? It works perfectly!


  6. Angi,
    I’m glad you like it! I used the bottom layer flower (I think) from this pattern:
    I hope that helps!


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