Every Girl needs a Red Hat


Crochet Hat

I finished up my red hat today. It was supposed to be big enough to fit me—but well, using a smaller hook really does make a big difference (who knew??? ha ha) Oh well…I’m happy & she’s happy so that’s all that matters! You can find the hat pattern at yarncat.com and the crocheted flower at needlebook.blogspot.com. Happy Crocheting!

Also, check out some of my other crocheted hat ideas!


  1. Great way to use the crochet flower pattern! Thanks for sharing!


  2. great hat! the website that listed the pattern is no longer being maintained! any chance you can share the free pattern? would be a great hat for my daughter!


  3. I’ve reached the point where it’s tnkiag me over an hour to do one round. I shall be able to guestimate how many hours it took me by counting the rings, like on a tree! I mostly crochet in front of the TV in the evenings, it’s nice to know all those many many hours are creating something instead of just being “wasted”.


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