A Crochet Hat Frenzy


Now that Christmas is over I can finally show you all of the crochet projects I have been working on. And let me tell you…my hands are still aching! I am in definite need of a crochet break (at least for a week or two=)

Here are the crochet hats I made for my husband, father, and brother-in-laws. Aren’t they great!?! I had a really hard time finding a men’s hat pattern so I actually ended up purchasing this pattern off etsy from Katyscrochet. It was worth every penny of the $5 bucks I spent for it, and I am sure I am going to be making this hat a zillion more times!

The following hat patterns can all be found on yarncat.com. The first two are made using the Barstow pattern. (The purple and white flower was made using a pattern by needlebook and the red rose is a pattern by lionbrand yarn *you must log in to view the pattern for the rose*)

This hat was made using the Solitude pattern (and it happens to be my new favorite):

And finally these two are made using the Durango pattern:

(this one has an alternate band pattern…which I can’t remember where I found…sorry.)

and I made this adorable ruffled scarf to go with it: (the pattern for this was in a book, and uh, I can’t remember which one…I got it at the library so I will try to find it next time I go and then I will update this post so you can make one—because I personally think it is the prettiest scarf I have ever seen…though I am sure I am biased!)

***update: the book was Essential Crochet by Erika Knight and you can find the pattern on page 142***

These next two hats are made using a crochet pattern by Laura Killoran, and the flower pattern by Linda Permann. When I found the hat pattern it said it was a good pattern for boys, but after I made one I decided it was way cuter for girls (wouldn’t you agree):

These next four hats are made using the Child’s Striped Cap pattern. The blue one I made following her exact pattern (perfect fit for ages 2-5ish):

and this pink one, I made crocheting in a round instead of connecting my rows. I thought it turned out a little nicer:

These next two were modified to fit an 8 year old. I again crocheted her hat in a round, and I continued adding more rows until in was the desired length. (Her original pattern was much too short!)

And last but not least I made Bella’s hat from Twilight! This one made me laugh…and it made my 18 year old sister laugh as well when I gave it to her. he he.

So, there you have it. That is what I have been doing non-stop for the past month. I told my daughter I was done crocheting and I thought she would start skipping and jumping around the house with joy…but to my surprise she said “but mama I need a pink hat, and you need another hat, and dad needs another hat…” ha ha. She makes me laugh. I guess because she is my kinda girl! She wants to learn how to crochet and is always asking me to teach her—but I’m thinking it might be kind of hard to teach a 3 year old. =)

Anyhow, Happy Crocheting!!! And in my case: “happy break from crocheting!”


  1. So many hats! Good work! My favorites are the orange one (with the red flower) and the cream one – so stinkin’ cute!


  2. I love,love,love the hats..and I so love that beautiful scarf. I also am a crocheter,but it seems my choice to crochet is always afghans. It’s so relaxing and soothing to work on them..
    Have a safe and wonderful New Year…


  3. I’d love to learn the Barstow one but I don’t understand what the pattern is saying! Maybe we could do a trade if there’s something I know how to do that you don’t?


  4. Those are adorable! I especially love the flowers. I’m just learning how to make them, but I can’t read patterns yet. Hopefully I will be able to learn soon, because they are sooo cute!


  5. I just discovered your blog! Those hats are really sweet! And the ruffle scarf looks nice – can’t wait to see the pattern and give it a try … :-)


  6. Hi…I love the hats, they’re so cute. I can’t seem to find the site for yarncats.com Can you provide the email address? I’d love to get the pattern for the flower hats.

    Thank you so much! Love your blog!!!


  7. So many hats so much crocheting no wonder your hands were sore, love the purpl/liliac one with the flower. Thanks great info


  8. nice work on all the hats. I found your site from looking at a site to make Bellas Hat from La Push. im having a hard time starting it as i havent crocheted in a while. although i remember how, the beginning just seems a little complicated. perhaps you could answer some questions for me. On round 2 when it says 2FPDC around next dc, am I putting 2 FPDC on one post? Is that what makes the vertical lines in the hat? Thank you for your help in advance and OBTW i am a 49 year old twilight mom. i just took the trip to Oregon and Washington this year to see all the filming locations! it was the most exciting thing i have ever done!!! I would recomend it to everyone. if anyone need addresses of the places feel free tp email me for them. bkingsnut@yahoo.com


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