Knitting Attempt #1


So, my attempt at knitting was, shall we say, a failure!?!  =) Okay, it actually went pretty well…I did figure out how to do the correct stitch for the awesome scarf I REALLY wanted to make (which is a HUGE deal considering I have never EVER knitted anything before in my life), BUT I didn’t have the correct size of knitting needles or the correct weight of yarn. Blast! So, I went out shopping and much to my disappointment I could not find any yarn…Roberts was totally sold out and well, Walmart wasn’t too much help either. What is with that??? Almost made me think yarn was the years hottest toy or something. UGHH!

I am still super excited to make a knitted scarf, but with my list of Christmas crochet projects which still need to be finished, I decided to put my knitting adventures aside for another day and pick back up my trusty crochet hook! Ah, I do love my crochet hooks!!! (You will have to wait until after Christmas for a more detailed pic of all my crochet projects. he he)

I can, however, show you the ear warmer that I made…because I made it for me…or more correctly decided after I made it that I was going to keep it. he he.

You can get the pattern for this awesome ear warmer at and the cute flower at Happy Crocheting everyone…and knitting: if you know how!


  1. This headband is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!!! Thanks for posting a link to the pattern. And your flower really makes it pop!!


  2. Do you have the pattern for the ear warmer? The link doesn’t work. Thank you so much! It looks great!


  3. this link doesn’t work for me. Any suggestions to get the pattern?


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