Felt Friday: Crown

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Felt Crown

Remember the yo-yo garland? The colorful felt circles sewn together perfect for decorating for birthdays? This felt crown is also perfect for birthdays, playing dress-ups, or for giving any kid (or adult for that matter) the royal treatment.

For a tutorial on how to make one of these felt crowns, go HERE or make your own version (like mine) by using reverse applique. To get the layered look, I sewed 3 pieces of felt together (making sure to get the elastic band at the back attached at the sides) in a crown shape. I then sewed my larger diamond shape (on all three layers) and cut out the purple felt to reveal the red. I then sewed the smaller diamond shape (on the remaining two layers) and cut out the red, revealing the cream. Need clarification or have questions? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to resolve any confusion.


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  1. so very very cute!


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