Felt Friday: Sewing Needle Book

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Felt Sewing Needle Books

Back in 10th grade, during a beginning sewing class, our teacher had us make a little felt mouse with a flapping mouth to keep track of and store our sewing needles. I have kept that silly mouse with it’s ribbon tail and lopsided eyes for nearly 10 years and only recently have come to realize how handy it has been. No one likes to lose a small, sharp, pointy object (just waiting to be stepped on by a bare foot).

felt mouse

In my craft-blog stalking, I ran across this adorable felt needle book–the adult version of my mouse–and decided to make my own version for Mother’s Day gifts (luckily both my mom and mother-in-law are both sewers).

What I did: cut out 2 long rectangles of felt (one 1/2 inch smaller on each side), embellish (with felt and buttons, but whatever you have on hand works), sew together, add closure, and you’re done! Make one for yourself or for the sewers in your life!

Felt Sewing Needle Book - Blue

Felt Sewing Needle Book - Inside

Felt Sewing Needle Book - Back

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