Five Minute Friday: Bare


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The word for this week is: Bare


When I think about the word bare, I think about something that is naked (eek.) I also think about things that are natural and in their true original state. Something that is real. Not trying to be covered up with something that it is not.

This past week, I have been thinking a lot about who I am. Not what I like to do, or what I think about, or any stuff like that. But just, really deep down…who am I?

I think it can be hard to get bare. To get rid of all the excess, the pizazz that we use to cover ourselves up with. It is hard to live in the moment. To stop our constant thinking about the past and our fretting about the future and just live in the bare, real, now.

Sometimes I think that when the bible tells us to “awaken” it means to live in the now. What is really happening in this moment. And stop living in what happened yesterday or what we hope (or don’t hope) will happen tomorrow. It is a struggle for me to live like that. I’m so used to covering up my true life with a blanket. And hiding under it…almost hoping nobody will notice me.



  1. Hi Anne, So nice to meet you through FMF. This is my first time, and it is so exciting getting to check some new blogs. Yours site is great!! Lots of fun ideas!!
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Bare–Five Minute Friday


  2. the image of self under a blanket is beautiful, and the word “almost” poignant. thank you for sharing. living in the moment is a struggle for me, as i believe in planning, order, structure. i forget that there is, and should be, space for the unknown to disrupt everything and leave me – us – fully dependent on God.
    eric siewert´s last blog post ..Five Minute Friday: Bare


  3. I also liked your image of hiding under a blanket. Something I am trying to do less of!


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