Five Minute Friday: Brave



This week I have been writing positive affirmations on sticky notes and putting them up all over my house. It is my attempt to become a more positive thinker…and kick all the pessimistic thoughts I have out of my mind, by replacing them with positive ones. It is funny, because I think so often we view attributes as things we hope we will have someday, and we don’t give ourselves credit for the ways they are already witnessing themselves in our lives today and now. I could say: “I hope I will be brave someday” but the truth is, I can be brave now, I am brave now. Especially if I think I am brave. I am brave enough to wake up each day, and do my best. I am brave enough to try to change my life. I am brave enough to trust 100% in my Father in Heaven that things will all work out for the good. It is amazing how much our thoughts can change who we are right now, without even having to wait until tomorrow. I can be brave today if I think I am, and if I act in accordance to those beliefs. Crazy but true. Try it.

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  1. Anne, I am your neighbor at FMF and I love this sentiment you expressed. Thank you for the reminder–instead of wishing I was something more, thinking I am only halfway complete, think of all that I already am, already have, and believe it to be all the way true of me today!
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  2. Writing out positive affirmations is a first step toward bravery. We become what we behold. If you behold bravery in the things you are reminding yourself of, you will be brave. Stopped over from the Five Minute Friday. Have a blessed weekend.
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  3. Those are words of wisdom. We can be brave and positive right here today no matter what we are going through. Thank you for writing today! So glad I found you on five minute friday. Blessings!


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