Five Minute Friday: Comfort


There are a few things in life that I have always allowed to give me comfort. When I am having a bad day I always allowed myself to be comforted by food. Big bags of m&m’s, yummy oreos with a tall glass of milk etc. And giving up sugar (back in December) was like taking away my comfort blanket. I also allow myself to find comfort in media. There’s nothing better than turning on a movie to wash your worries away. To escape from the real world. Or not to mention turning on the computer and zoning out on Facebook, or pinterst. I’ve tried to stop that too…and it is hard. Hard to leave the digital world and live, present, and alive in the real world. Lately, I’ve realized that I find comfort in another way. I have been trying to think more positive thoughts, and I have found that I find comfort in the negative ones. They are what I have always known. They are safe…or so they seemed. It is hard to be happy when all you want it to be sad.  It is hard to forgive when you feel like the person you are forgiving doesn’t deserve it. It is hard to leave the feelings you have always clung to, and let them go…because I really don’t know what to expect. It doesn’t feel safe, and yet I know it is. It has to be safer than what I have known. It has to be safer than all the meanness that I’ve clung to in the past. I am coming to realize that my old comforts aren’t good, and it is time I find and start to cling to the real comforter…not the illusions…it is time to let go, and be truly comforted.

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  1. Great post! I really identify with your post, as I have a lot of negativity, stemming from my childhood. Writing helps, and so does Facebooking and the like.


  2. Wow. You and I are like. I love food and it is definitely comforting to me. So is drowning my sorrows my favorite TV show, social media, etc. Like you said – they are comforting. But, I think we could be wholy comforting by turning to Him. And it is hard to be happy when you’re not. I’m not good at masking my emotions. Praying for you today! Thanks for sharing.


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