Five Minute Friday: Cherished


I discovered 5 minute fridays a few months ago. I’ve participated a few times (in private) but I thought maybe it was time to go big or go home. One of my blog goals this year is to be more myself when I write. None of this forced writing stuff. None of this, I have to fix it until it is perfect stuff. I’m going to just allow me to be. Allow my thoughts to be. And what better way to practice doing that than this.

Every Friday Lisa posts a word on her blog (Lisa Jo-Baker). You take that word and write about it for 5 minutes. Absolutely no pre-planning and absolutely no fixing once you are done. Just plain, simple, from the heart RAW words. The good stuff.

The word for this week is:



Sometimes I wish I was better able to cherish others. I think deep down I already know that in order to cherish others I must first start to cherish myself.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. So that is kind of funny, that that is todays word. It fits for me.

So how do I learn to love and cherish myself? Oh dear. Sometimes I am not loving at all towards myself. Every itty bitty tiny thing (or big) thing that I do wrong (or think that I have done wrong) seems to eat away at my self worth and confidence. I think learning how to meditate might help. Learning how to live in the moment. Accept the moments as they come without wanting to change anything about them. That would take guts. Because sometimes there are certain moments that just suck.

I know Heavenly Father cherishes me. i once felt it so strongly that I knew I would never be able to deny it. ever. But I think it is still different than cherishing myself. God can love me now, despite my downfalls and shortcomings. Despite the fact that I might have yelled at my kids or got frustrated with my husband. God understands. Maybe he even knows why I did it. Sometimes I don’t understand. Sometimes I don’t know why. (ok, lots of times I don’t know why).

Maybe a part of cherishing is taking the time to try to figure that out…



  1. It can be hard to cherish yourself. I love that you mentioned how much God cherishes you. Sometimes when I am struggling with my failures, I remember how much He loves me and that He doesn’t care that I’m not perfect….no matter what, I’m His. That helps! Thanks for sharing. This is my first Five Minute Friday and you’re the first blog I’ve check out. Hope to see you next week!
    Patty´s last blog post ..5 Minute Friday: Cherished


  2. Oh I hear you. Sometimes I am so down on myself & cherishing seems like the last thing on my mind. I’ve been battling self-worth for a long time, but I’m currently amazed at God’s faithfulness in reminding me who I am. I always try to combat the lies with God’s truth & who He says I am. Praying you feel cherished today, but others but mostly by yourself :) (Stopping by from Lisa-Jo’s)
    Lauren J.´s last blog post ..Five Minute Friday: Cherished


  3. “Accept the moments as they come without wanting to change anything about them. That would take guts. Because sometimes there are certain moments that just suck.” Amen and amen. :) Stopping by from Lisa-Jo’s.


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