Five Minute Friday: Ordinary


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Sometimes I get really tired of the ordinary. It is like I am somehow waiting for my ordinary every day life to magically turn into something…well, more exciting? I guess I often live with the attitude that tomorrow things are going to be better, different, _________. The other day, I was soooo tired, like I often am, and I was trying to fall asleep for a nap. There were a few things on my mind that were bothering me, and sleep was not coming easily (even though I desperately wanted it too). I decided to get up instead of just lay their wishing for a sleep that wasn’t coming. And I decided that today was the day. Things weren’t going to get better tomorrow unless I made them better today. We aren’t going to be different people tomorrow unless we start doing something different today. Ordinary days and ordinary lives are all we have. Or at least they are all that I have. But, I think maybe there is something magical in that. Something magical about the dishes, and the car breaking down. Something magical about putting a smile on my face and taking the time to really talk to my daughter when she gets home from school. Something extraordinary hidden deep within the ordinary.



  1. Anne,
    Hi there, I’m your friendly FMF neighbor… Um, we kind of said the same thing! I don’t read anyone’s blog before I do mine, and I’m amazed at how much strangers thing alike!

    Loved your post… and I agree that ordinary is WAY better ; )


  2. “We aren’t going to be different people tomorrow unless we start doing something different today.” I loved this line! That’s my goal for this year! Thank you for sharing! Wonderful to visit you through Five Minute Friday!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Five Minute Friday: Ordinary


  3. So true. Didn’t Einstein say that ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’? While there are some things we must do everyday, there are also things I procrastinate about that no one else will do if I don’t. ;) So here’s to doing something different today!


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