Five Minute Friday: Rest


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The word for this week is Rest.



Sometimes I wish that I could rest. totally and completely. Sometimes I think my body is cursed. Completely unable to relax when it is time to relax, and unable to rest when it is time to rest. I am always worried about something. Thinking about something. Preoccupied by something. But I need rest. Desperately. I am aching for rest. I wish that I knew how to find it. I’m trying to find it. I’ve stopped eating sugar, and that has given my headaches rest. I’ve started to meditate and that has given my mind some rest (though I’m not very good at it yet). I’ve been visiting the chiropractor…hoping to give my body a rest. Maybe the answers will come…slowly the answers are coming. To be at peace with your own life, with your own story, with your own family, with your own self. That is rest. And maybe it takes a whole lifetime to figure it out. I just turned 30 and for whatever reason I always imagined I would have figured things out by now. But I haven’t. I’m still a lot the same as I was when I was 12. Just a girl, doing the best she can, with what she’s got.



  1. Beautiful post. I feel you on the headaches, I had to cut out all sugar and carbs to finally get to the root of those.

    I don’t think any of us have it figured out, and if we say we do, we’re probably lying. Such is life, I suppose, until we die and find final rest in Him.

    God bless!
    Megan @Love Letters 7.10´s last blog post ..Rest #fiveminutefriday


  2. I am in my 40s and still don’t have any of it figured out so when you find the answers please be sure to share. First give yourself permission to rest and that may not mean sleep. Second, realize that you don’t have to have all the answers you just need to trust the One that does. I pray that you find some time to crawl up in the Father arms and rest in Him over the next few days.


  3. For what it’s worth, I knew you when you were twelve and I wanted *so badly* to be friends with you. Luckily for me, it worked out. :)


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