How to Pin on a Boutonniere


Okay, so the moment you have all been waiting for! Here is the secret on how to pin on a Boutonniere. Very valuable information if you ask me…

1. Make sure that you have 2 bout pins. Take the first pin and push it in and back out of the mans left lapel:

2. Then push the pin upward into the stem, but not back out. The point of the pin should be safe inside the stem so no one will get hurt :-)

3. Repeat on the other side of the flower, with your 2nd pin:

And it should end up looking like this:

And I  promise it wont fall off, or tip to the side, or look stupid! YAY!

Also, make sure to check out my tutorial on how to make a boutonniere.


  1. thanks! I never knew the right way. I guess my dates always had it on wrong. lol! Now I’ll know for the future with my hubby or my daughter’s future dates, etc…


  2. thanks for the advice :)
    i haven’t pinned one on anyone since my prom 9 years ago (i crafted one for my date using candy, he made me a corsage of wildflowers)
    but next time, i will know. it’s like tying a tie. you may not wear them, but it’s good to know :)
    .-= mel´s last blog adventure – epic hike on st patty’s day =-.


  3. fascinating. See how much one can learn from taking a little time to read. Good job.
    .-= Leslee´s last blog ..What you learn when you talk to your children =-.


  4. I love these wreaths!! I wish I had come across these before since I had just gone to a baby shower. I will diffently use your idea, I’ve never seen it done before. You’re very creative!


  5. Thanks so much for your help. I need to make a bout in a hurry and your instructions were the best! Also love the tip on how to pin one on. My mom used to do that but I never paid attention to how she did it exactly!!


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