Christmas Gift Idea #3: Fabric Covered Composition Notebook


fabric-covered-composition notebook

Here is a great gift idea for ya’ll if you have kids on your list! I actually made this one for my brother’s birthday which is in a couple of weeks, he is turning 8 years old! But I thought I would also make a few more for Christmas gifts. I know my little girl would love one of these in pink! Plus, these are super fast to make, especially if you are making more than one and you cut out multiple pieces at the same time! I just covered a composition notebook with flannel using this great tutorial from And then I added the colored pencil pockets on the front…I got the idea for this at and then just added it to my notebook for my very own unique creation! I just love it!!! Next time I make one I will see if I can put up my own tutorial with exact measurements and stuff so it will be easier to make one yourself…


  1. This is an awesome idea! I bet my nieces and nephews would love something like this!


  2. I loved! Can you please put up your tutorial? I’m not an expert and I need some help… :D


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