Christmas Gift Idea #1: Crochet Hats


HA HA. Okay, so you still have a little bit of time before Christmas—but I would suggest that if you, like me, are planning on making some homemade gifts–you better take my advice and start thinking about it! It really does take a lot of time, and work, to come up with a thoughtful and creative homemade gift—so it is definitely time to get started!  In January, I made a list of all the people I wanted to make gifts for, and I came up with a list of around 12 people. I was going to do one a month…but alas, even those with the best intentions sometimes fall behind. With only 6 months left, now I need to do almost 2 a month! Yikes, I better get rolling! So, I thought it would be fun to do a few “Christmas Gift” segments on our blog—to help you out with some ideas, but mostly to help me get some gifts done! So here goes #1. Be on the lookout for #2!

A great gift idea (in my opinion) is a nice warm crocheted hat! There are thousands of free patterns on the internet and some of them are really cute! I am thinking about making some matching scarfs and maybe adding some cute crocheted flowers to these ones…

I found the following hat patterns at This one is called the Durango, and it is part of her “out west hat series


And this one is called Barstow


She also has a really fun collection of “modern flapper hats!” So CUTE, and they are relatively simply and quick to make! So Happy Crocheting! And Happy Holidays…ha ha.

OH! And if anybody has some great gift ideas PLEASE oh PLEASE oh PLEASE leave us a comment and a link! Thanks a bunch-a-roo!

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  1. Cute pics Anne! Love the hats!


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  4. Victoria, You are such a beautiful girl. I,ve wcthaed you grow through all these years and I can,t beleive your on you way to being on your own and college bound. So proud of you. You deserve alot of credit. You will go far in your life. We love you, and I want a picture. I just loved all the pictures. Coty done a good job too. Bev


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