Christmas Gift Idea #2: Vinyl Lettered Name Boards


Vinyl lettering Name Board

A few days ago, I went to a church activity where we made these awesome vinyl lettered name boards—I think they are absolutely adorable!  After I got done with it, I thought—these would make amazing Christmas gifts, so I asked her how I could order more . She gave me this really awesome website to check out! You can order all sorts of different vinyl lettering and you can choose from many different projects—most are under $15.00 (The name board I made only cost $8.00). You can also order custom vinyl and pick your own fonts and colors! I think this is so fun! Her business is located in Orem, UT and if you don’t want to pay any shipping costs you can drive down and just pick your order up! Sweet deal!

vinyl lettered name board in kitchen



  1. Okay, so here’s my question: Yours looks so incredible and classy. I attribute this to the length of your last name though! I always think mine looks a bit weird! My married last name has three letters and so does my sister’s married name…Any suggestions for those of us with tiny last names?


  2. Maybe you could just write THE _ _ _’s . That would make it longer. ha ha. sorry, that’s the best I got! It would be a lot harder with a short last name! Maybe you could come up with another saying to be the big letters in the back and then for the little letters you could write the _ _ _ family (or something.)

    Let me know if you ever come up with a solution! =)


  3. oh, here is another idea…what if you made your wall hanging on a square piece of wood and then wrote


    that way over your last name? hmmm. =)


  4. Thanks! Fabulous ideas. :)


  5. You could also try _ _ _ Family to make it longer.


  6. wow im loving this idea more than any other DIY!


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