4th of July Bike Parade


Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope you have all been having a fabulously fun day so far! This morning my family and I went to our neighborhood 4th of July bike parade. And let me tell you, it was fun, fun, FUN! All of the kids were told to decorate their bikes in red, white, and blue and then we went to the Junior High School where everyone could ride their bikes in a parade around the track. They also played bike “limbo” and “red light, green light” it was great! So, if you need something fun to do I highly suggest having a bike parade and letting your kids go wild with decorating!

Here’s my little girl painting the tin-cans that we tied behind her bike to make some good ol’ 4th of July noise! Yup, I actually let her paint with acrylic paints. brave, I know. But she did really well!

Painting tin cans

We decorated her bike with crepe paper, ribbon, and some sparkle star things that make it look like she has fireworks coming out of her handlebars. We got everything at the dollar store, so just go see what creative things you can find!

4th of July Bike Decorating

And then Have a PARADE!…or a race. ha ha.

Bike Parade

Have FUN!

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