April Fools Day Jello Drink

April Fools Day Prank


You know, I’ve never really done anything for April Fools Day…mostly because I could never really think of anything funny to do (and the one prank that someone did pull on me in college, well, just didn’t seem that funny.) But since my son was born on April Fools Day. {ha ha….yup!} I’ve decided I better start planning. This year I probably don’t have to do anything too crazy since he is only turning 2 and wont remember. But in the years to come, well, I need to stock up on ideas. Last year one of my friends made jello fruit punch drinks for her family, and every time I see this picture (which has been often since I have had it saved on my desktop) I have to smile. One day my Emerson will get a kick out of this. ha ha.


  1. Hee hee… that`s cute! I`m ok with pranks.. however some people really cross the line.. As long as it`s not too awful – LOL. Hubby loves to tease me and do pranks on me.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay´s last blog post ..Children’s &amp family entertainment – Mike da Mustang


  2. Ha ha good one. well I personally love April fool day pranks, it reminds me I’m still a child and most of the adults around me are children too…
    Emma´s last blog post ..Comparer les forfaits mobiles


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