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(I am SO excited for todays post! Today we are having our very first EVER guest blogger here on FloralShowers. Wahoo! Thank you so much Kristine for sharing your talent with us! Hope you all enjoy:)

I was honored that Anne invited me to be a guest blogger for floralshowers.  For those of you that don’t know me, My name is Kristine McKay.  I am currently a contributor for Studio 5, which is a local morning show here in Utah.  I do craft segments for them.  My Career in the craft world started in the scrapbooking industry.  I have worked with various companies as a designer and a product developer.  My specialty was developing kits for QVC and the Home shopping network.  I love the craft world.  However, I found that while I enjoy the business my true passion is found in the creative process and sharing that process with others.  So, I stepped away from the business aspect and started my adventure in blogging, contributing for Studio 5, and sharing my experiences through public speaking.  I have found that life is not about “finding yourself” . . . it is about “creating” yourself.  There is nothing more fulfilling than the process of “creating”.

I am thrilled that Anne has decided to share her talents with others and that she invited me to share a couple of quick projects with you.

There is something magical about Christmas that is best described in one word, “nostalgic”. When I think about Christmas, my memories  often turn to  my childhood.  One memory that comes to mind is of my grandmother, who was never without her pearls and matching purse.  She was born in 1903 and lived through the depression to become quite the “Queen of Thrift”.  She was a woman with style but little means and found beauty even in the smallest things.  One of my favorite things to do with my grandmother at Christmas was to look through her “card books”.  She would save and collect Christmas cards by gluing them onto the pages of old magazines.  When the pages were completely covered with cards you would never knew that it was an old magazine binding them together.  It was this memory that inspired the Christmas ornament below.  My poor grandmother probably would have had a heart attack that I cut up a perfectly good book, but I’m a new kind of thrify and the book would have ended up at good will.  So, by repurposing it and turning it into something beautiful . . . I hope my Grandma would be proud.



Book Ornament Step2


Book Ornament last-step



Thanks Anne,


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  1. Very clever. If you did a whole tree in those ornaments. I think it would be beautiful. But do tell how you got a guest on your blog. I’ve been trying to think about. I’m just not sure I know how, and if I did would I have enough guts to ask. So coodoes.


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