Candy Corn Candles

Candy Corn Candles

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So, last week my sister Kari came over to make some Halloween candles. We had never done it before, but she had picked up a candle making kit at the craft store, and silly us we thought we would have everything we needed! BWA HA HA HA…HA HA HA…ha ha. Lets just say this was a learning experience for us both. Next time will hopefully be better—even though they did turn out cute, don’t you think!?!

Candy Corn Candles

So, first thing we found out was that you need some kind of double broiler to melt the wax. Yah, that is probably right. So here is what we came up with:

Candle Making Station

Makeshift double broiler

We just bent the edge of a tin can with pliers so we would be able to pour the wax out and then we put it in a pot of boiling water to melt it…luckily the kit provided a thermometer! You need to melt it to 190-200 degrees (add the dyed wax after you reach your boiling point)…the hotter it is the shinier the candle and easier it will be to get your candle out of the mold. The kit then tells you that you should get some candle “release” spray…hmm. So we boiled it hot and just hoped they would come out on their own (which they did! YAY).

Melting Wax

Don’t do this at home. he he. This is us getting ready to pour our wax! Not sure how the kit recommended you get the wax from the double broiler but this is what we did: Pliers and a Hot Pad!

Pouring Wax

Because we were doing a three layered candle, and the candle making kit did not advise us on how to do this, we guessed and did it in 3 steps. (Tip: do each color in a different tin can) The first layer was orange, then you let it cool for 5 minutes (or so) and add the wick, then let it cool for about 15 more minutes (or so) so the next layer ¬†wouldn’t just melt right into it. After putting yellow in and allowing it to dry for 5 minutes we adjusted the wick and let it cool and then we added white. We let them cool for an hour (or so) and then put more white on top to fill in the “sinking” middle. Then because it was late I let them cool all night and first thing in the morning pulled them out of their molds.

Candle making pro’s are probably shuddering at this post. =) But we all have to start somewhere now don’t we. Plus it was fun, even it we do have much yet to learn!

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  1. Thanks for the fun idea. They turned out super cute!


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