EEK! Googly Eyeballs


I just love google eyes! So when I saw the idea for these google eye Halloween cups I just had to make some! The original instructions say to glue the eyes on real glass cups, but since I am taking drinks to a Halloween party, I thought I would just glue them onto these plastic beauties. Then I just bought some nice orange Fanta! Yum. =)

Googly Eye Cups

After I got done making 23 of those… I started thinking about ALL the other things I could put google eyes on and here are a few things I came up with:

Googly Eye Candle

Monster Egg

Green Eye Vase

Now, I better stop before I get carried away and my husband comes home to find the whole house covered! =)


  1. I love the googly eyes everywhere! After reading your post, I stumbled across this and thought I’d share — I think it would be so fun if you still have leftover eyes!


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