Some Fun Ideas from my Google Bookmark


Here is another peek into my google bookmarks, hope you enjoy looking at some of the things I want to make for Halloween!

I absolutely LOVE this cute idea from – plus I have a few jars around the house so this is something I would definitely like to do one day!!!

Recycled Jar Jack-o-Lanterns


I have to admit that I think this idea from PlumPudding is absolutely disgusting and yet for some weird reason I still want to try it. hmmm. What is with that!?!?

Spaghetti Hotdogs

Spaghetti Hotdogs

I found this way cute Monster Cupcake on BetterHomes&Gardens I REALLY want to make some of these yummy things!

Peeking Monster

Peeking Monster Cupcake

And last but definitely not least I found these incredible balloons on craftycrafty – HA HA! (the pic is kinda small but you get the idea!)

Spider-web Balloons


Happy Halloween Everybody!

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