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Halloween Milk Jug Skeleton


I am doing a terrible job lately posting. JUST TERRIBLE! My last post was over a month ago. A MONTH AGO! I should be fired. FIRED I SAY! Good thing, I guess, that this is not a job :-) Anyhow, I am going to be quick…or I have a feeling this post will just sit in my draft box and never get posted. So here goes. The quick version of a post that could have taken an hour to write but I am going to give myself 5 minutes.

Here is the milk jug skeleton I made:

My babysitter growing up used to make one of these every year…and I guess I was feeling some childhood nostalgia or something…so I found a pattern, saved all my milk cartons and voila.

He really makes me smile. {smile.}



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  2. I would love your pattern! I am a 6th grade science teacher and love teaching the skeleton.


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