Painted Pumpkins

Painting Pumpkins


Audrey's Painted Pumpkin
I just had to share this picture of my girl painting her pumpkin. (She was SO focused!) She painted it last week and has kept it by her bed ever since. It has turned into quite the treasure. I think she is going to get pretty sad when it starts to go bad and we have to throw it away…

David & I are carving our pumpkins tonight…I am so excited…the video I posted about a few days ago has totally got me pumped! I even went out and got a “saw blade” to attach to my xacto knife. I couldn’t find a keyhole blade like he suggested (next year I may have to order one online to try it out) but I think the saw blade will work. oooo I am excited, I can’t post a pic until late Friday night or Saturday because we are entering it into a contest and don’t want to give it away =) too fun!

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