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DIY Spooky Halloween Snake & Bug Wreath


If you have spent any time on pinterest lately, I am sure you have seen pictures of these awesome snake wreaths. I must admit that when I first came across the idea, I absolutely FELL IN LOVE! I don’t think I haveĀ everĀ seen a cuter Halloween wreath in my entire life…and believe me when I say there are an awful lot of cute ones out there…

Anyhow, my daughter is constantly telling me that we do not have enough Halloween decorations. So she and I got to work and created one for our own front door:

It was pretty simple to make. All you need is:

1. A Grapevine Wreath (I picked mine up at a yard sale for .25 Cents)

2. Plastic Snakes, Bugs, Spiders etc. (I picked up a few assorted packages at the dollar store, and found the larger rubber snakes at Walmart. I spent about $6.00)

3. Black Spray Paint (But the one specifically made for plastics. About $4.50 at Walmart)

4. Clear Acrylic Sealer (If you are only using hard plastic snakes and bugs you will not need to purchase this. If you are using any rubber snakes or bugs you will need to put on a few coats of sealer because the spray paint will not dry properly on the rubber and will be sticky. Using a sealer will fix that problem in a jiffy!)

5. Hot Glue gun

After you purchase all of your supplies have your kids help you to figure out where everything should fit, and then go ahead and secure it all in place using your trusty hot glue gun.

Then you are ready to give it a few coats of spray paint. And when it has dried feel it to make sure nothing is sticky. If it is, make sure to apply a few coats of acrylic sealer. And then…voila! Your beautifully spooky Halloween wreath is ready to hang on your front door!

Happy Halloween :)

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