A Black Hat Party

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in the past couple of days…my good intentions of posting every day in the month of October- well, oh well…=) I think I was perhaps being a little bit unrealistic. yeah, probably was….okay I was =) So, I’ve decided to take my head out of the clouds and become a little bit more realistic…I mean seriously a mom with 2 kids can only do so much! And I’ve decided to promise all of you that “I will post if I have time to post and I wont if I don’t.” =) ha ha. Now, that is a promise I can keep!!! Hope you are all excited!

My Halloween idea for today are these cute invitations that my sister made for this years “Black Hat” Halloween party:


She found these adorable mini witch hats at Roberts Craft store, and then adorned them with ribbon and cute buttons and of course a little tag with our party info on it! So so cute…

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