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Spoon & Fork Garden Markers

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For Mother’s Day I decided to grow my mom a pot of Basil. Both her and my dad love Basil and they are always buying bunches of it at the store…so I thought it would be something fun and easy that she would enjoy {and hopefully I can go over and enjoy  it too next time they make a nice big plate of yummy tomato and basil bruschetta…mmm.}

Anyhow, I wanted to make a cute garden marker to go in her pot and I found these awesome ones on ETSY but they were a bit pricey so I thought I would make my own…good idea right :-) RIGHT!

So here is what you need:

  • old spoons, forks, or knives (I got mine at Deseret Industries for .25 cents each)
  • 1/8″ steel letter stamp set (I got mine at Harbor Freight, it was $7.99)
  • black permanent marker
  • hammer
  • an old rag

The First Step: Flatten your spoon or fork with a hammer. {This is the fun part so don’t let your husband do it for you…} Also make sure you use an old rag to protect your spoon from getting too dinged up.

Second Step: Use your black permanent marker to mark where you will want your letters to be. Don’t worry if you mess up…the marker will wipe right off with a little water and you can try, try, try again…

Step Three: Use your new stamp set and hammer the letters onto your spoon. I would recommend practicing a bit before hand to get the hang of it. (I messed up about 3 spoons before I got it right.) I found that if you hit the stamp multiple times it can be hard to keep the stamp steady and it just messes up the letters.

oh…poor little spoon…the R got all messed up….sniff sniff:

After much practice I found that the best way was to just hit it once really hard…oh, and make sure you use that old rag underneath so you don’t scuff up your concrete, or the back of the spoon. oops. :-)

Ah, much better:

The Final Step: Now, just wipe off the excess marker using your old rag and some water…

then stick it in your pot and VOILA!

Oh, and then of course you have to make some more :-)

And then your kids have to decorate the ones you messed up on:


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  1. I love that your children decorated the messed up spoons! Look like they enjoyed that step!
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