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So, I have been having a hard time getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving. How awful huh?!? I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. ughh. So, today Audrey and I made some apple turkeys (got the idea from LittlePageTurners):


If my daughter was in her teens I might be worried that her Turkey looks more like a weapon, than a bird, but since she is only 3…well we will just call it imaginative artistic expression =) ha ha.

Turkey 2

After we finished our Turkeys we thought about some of the things we were thankful for. Audrey didn’t know what being “thankful” meant so I explained that it was “something we were glad to have.” She got super excited and told me she was thankful for shoes and teeth. Well, I suppose I am too now that you mention it! =)


  1. That’s a great idea; what an awesome craft for kids.


  2. I need to think of something like this that’s Christmas-y. Any ideas?? I was asked to bring fruit to the First Grade Holiday party, but I’d love to bring them something like this that would just thrill them…


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