100 Things I am Thankful for:


1. My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I know they live and that they take care of me daily 2. My wonderful Husband who spends so much time supporting our little family and never complains about how hard it is 3. My little Audrey and Emerson who teach me so much about myself, and make me want to be better 4. Wonderful friends and neighbors 5. An amazing extended family, they all do so much for me, and I LOVE all of them 6. A nice warm place to live 7. The opportunity to be building our own home 8. The opportunity to learn about patience while building my home 9. Things that are true 10. Being happy 11. Pumpkin bread 12. Emerson waking up each morning asking for “canee?” (candy) 13. The sunshine 14. Gardens 15. Grass 16. Trees 17. Good books 18. A physical body that works 19. My eyes, and ears 20. Smiles 21. Kind words 22. Letters 23. A preschool teacher who is so fun that my daughter can’t stop talking about all she has learned 24. Music 25. That I was able to get my violin fixed 26. My computer 27. My parents 28. My sisters and my little brother 29. Modern conveniences 30. The Scriptures 31. The Prophet 32. Food 33. Being Healthy 34. Warm blankets 35. Chocolate 36. The fact that my kids sleep a good 12 hours every night 37. Time with family 38. Service 39. Prayer 40. Listening to my kids singing 41. Warm socks 42. Being able to help build 5 of my neighbors homes, and get to know them in the process 43. Sleep 44. Clouds 45. Stars 46. The moon 47. employment 48. The ability to work 49. Flowers 50. Fun blogs to read 51. The internet 52. Funny people 53. Laughing 54. Art 55. Phone calls from friends 56. Cell phones 57. My car 58. The Library 59. The cute things that my kids say 60. Home cooked meals 61. Holidays with Family 62. Being a stay at home mom 63. Hobbies and Crafts 64. Knowing how to knit & crochet & sew 65. Tithing 66. Hymns 67. The ability to think and learn 68. Hope 69. Faith 70. Knowing the purpose of life 71. Perspective 72. Living in a free country 73. For those who protect our freedom, and their families 74. Safety 75. Grocery Stores 76. Cameras and pictures 77. My Grandparents 78. Family dinners 79. The mountains 80. Campfires 81. Sunsets 82. Going on Walks 83. Nature 84. Rivers 85. Patient people 86. Optimism 87. Warm cookies 88. Emails 89. Visitors who just stop by for fun 90. Making new friends and meeting new people 91. Learning that I can do things I didn’t think I could do 92. Charity 93. The Ensign 94. The temple 95. Babysitters 96. The ability to change and become better 97. Goals 98. Experiences that teach 99. Animals 100. Snow

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Great list!!


  2. Agree w/Nancy… so nice to read!
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  3. So nice, I love the cute things that my daughter says.
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  4. What a great list! I didn’t realise you were LDS until reading this post -me too! Thanks for the reminder of all the things we can be grateful for :)
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