Pretend Soup & Pop Overs

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A month or so ago, I ordered this book called Pretend Soup, which is a super fun cookbook made specifically for preschoolers. It gives picture instructions on how to make about 20 or so different recipes:

The other day, I finally got out some ingredients and let Audrey make some yummy Pop Overs. And I can’t even tell you how much fun she had doing it.

At the beginning of each recipe the author gives specific instructions to parents, which I thought were VERY helpful. One idea was “to help your child measure the milk, place a one-cup measure in a pie pan. Put the milk in a small pitcher and let your youngster pour it into the cup. Any spills will be contained in the pie pan.” Her ideas were so obvious but it really helped me to step back and let Audrey make this recipe with minimal help from me…and making it all the more fun for her…

and you can see that she was quite proud of her accomplishment!

Next on the Menu:

Number Salad and Oatmeal Surprise!

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  1. Thanks for inspiring me this week on my Tot Tuesdays link up party! I hope you’ll stop by again this week.

    I’m hosting Yummy Mummy Week May 9th-16th and I’ve got a great group of ladies sharing their tips on fitness, fashion, parenting and relationships as well as a giveaway everyday. And I’d love for you to share a story and some photos of how your life and body have changed since becoming a mom. The Link up party starts on Mother’s Day and runs the whole week.

    Have a great week and Happy (Early) Mother’s Day!


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