6 1/2 Months and 1,088 Hours Later


David and I have finally completed our little DIY project…he he. I mean our gigantically huge, bigger than anything we have ever done before, not sure what we were even thinking when we started, I’m grateful that we even survived, because I was worried there for a while that we wouldn’t project. :-)

We have finally finished building our house! literally. (insert sigh of exhaustion here).

Isn’t it pretty???

I may be a tad bit biased because I did help to build the floor, install the exterior doors, and help do all of the exterior stone work…as well as a few (hundred) other little things. Plus my husband helped do a few (million) things here and there too…like flying trusses, and sheeting the roof and working on the sprinklers and landscaping. He is amazing. Though I perhaps am a bit biased about that as well. :-)

Along with building our house, we were also able to help 5 neighbors build theirs! They helped us, and we helped them, and without each other I’m pretty sure this would have been an impossible endeavor. Our total hours of building, between all 6 families, is somewhere around 7,000 hours or 291 days of work. Wow. No wonder I am exhausted beyond belief and feel like I will never have any energy to do anything ever again…

I am so excited to be done. So excited to have a house, and awesome neighbors. So excited to have my life back. And so excited to have time to blog again…I think I blogged a total of 15 times during the 6 months we were building…wow. I’m amazed I even still have readers! Thanks for sticking around! :-)


  1. Hooray for you, Annie!!!


  2. I’m jealous of your awesome DIY skills. Seriously. :)
    Jess´s last blog post ..Bibbity boppity


  3. Bravo!!! I know that is so exhausting, we still have to install the central and radiators.


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