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For the past 2 years my husband and I have been using hand-me-down kitchen chairs from way back when (and I mean WAYYYYY back when). We have gotten a lot of use out of our green and yellow vinyl covered beauties (so much that they are falling apart). But, I am proud to say we are now the brand new owners of soon-to-be-lovely wooden kitchen chairs. (You have no idea how excited I am to have WOODEN chairs. It’s almost sad how excited I am.)

wooden chair

We purchased them from a thrift store and they are sturdy little things. It’ll be quite the project painting them but I think I am up to the task, even if it takes me a month or two to finish it off. I’m thinking of painting them cream and then adding some distressing. Here is my inspiration (my sister’s coffee table… yeah, I totally stole this pic from her photography blog):

coffee table

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  1. Those lovely green and yellow vinyl chairs used to be mine and I got them from your mother-in-law who got them from our grandma. I still have 2 of them in my basement if you end up missing the ones you are replacing. :)


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