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So, every once in awhile I like to sit down and watch “Studio 5”. You know, one of those morning shows that women with nothing better to do sit and watch. (ha ha ha…Problem is that I do have other things I should be doing—but I’m not =) Anyhow, I really like their crafting segments because they have some awesome crafting contributors with some really fun ideas!

A few weeks ago Kristine from KMcKaydesigns did a segment on kids crafts. She had some really cute ideas like: a bug catcher, pocket scavenger hunt, gak, tin-can stilts, secret lemon juice messages, rock creatures, chocolate play dough, and an “I’m bored jar” SUPER CUTE! And—-yup it gets better—–she is offering all these cute ideas in a free e-book that you can download off her site! Lucky you. And lucky me. I downloaded mine this morning and It is so fun! So, All you have to do is go to and scroll down until you see a picture that looks like this:


Then you just click on the pic, download, and print all of her fun ideas so you can make your own little book! Sorry, she doesn’t have a permalink so you will just have to scroll down to find it! But believe me it’s worth it, and you don’t have to scroll too far! She also has a link where you can download the patterns and templates that go to some of her crafts, just look for the pic that looks like this:


Well—I hope you enjoy this e-book as much as I do! Thanks Kristine!!!


One Comment

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