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My First Attempt at Knitting a Hat…Tah Duh


So one of my “crafty goals” this year was to learn how to knit hats. {maybe socks….but first I have to get good at hats.} I have always been a crochet kind of girl. See here, here, here, here and here.  But a few years ago I got this crazy idea that I wanted to learn how to knit and I have totally fallen in love with it. If you are a crocheter and you have never given knitting a try I suggest that you do!!! All you have to do is get over your fear of trying something new, watch a few youtube videos and get going! {You can check out some of my very first knitting projects here, here, here, and here.}

Anyhow…here are a few pictures of my first attempt at knitting a hat. I started off using 16″ Circular Knitting Needles and then switched over to these lovely 8″ Double Point Knitting Needles. I promise it is not as intimidating as it looks. Though I am definitely still trying to get the hang of it! :)


Didn’t it turn out cute!?!

Ok. Cute as it was, it wasn’t perfect. I did struggle with what they call color jog and I also struggled with pulling my first stitches in each round tight enough…hence the holes. But hey, for my first hat…could I really expect perfection??? nope. :)

Anyhow, after I finished this hat for my daughter I caught my son rummaging in my yarn stash. He got a big armful of “boy” colors and then came and told me he wanted one too. So, I’ve actually already started on my knitted hat attempt #2. Which hopefully I will finish soon! Until then HAPPY KNITTING!


  1. Good job, Annie! I just finished my first knit scarf. It turned out…okay.


  2. omg thats so cute. I could never figure out how to use three needles, maybe you can do a post on how you did it, its allways easyer to figure it out that that then written instructions.


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  4. go to this website for mini knitting lessons, there is one how to change color and fix the color jog.


  5. [14]Yes, Liz you did a beautiful job. I saw some of the qiutls and saw her joy in doing them. I am glad that I knew the Lady, Flora, personally. You see she was not only my friend but my 7th grade teacher. She had a love for Kentucky History about as much as qiutls. She always took her class to Harodsburg in order for the children to further their education on KY. Her qiutls were a joy to look at and all the town knew John Bill and Flora Allen. One daughter was a year ahead of me in school and the other 2 yrs behind. Berea was truly blessed to have such a fine family and Flora truly started a lot of quilters in this town. Thanks for sharing girls.[] Reply:October 14th, 2011 at 9:07 pmThank you Janet for sharing your story with me. It was really an honor to help tell her story. Sorry, it took me so long to reply- it’s a new blog host, and I’m on a learning curve .[]


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