Teaching a Young Child to Ride a Bike


My husband has always claimed that he could ride a 2 wheel bike (with no training wheels) by the time he was three.  I have argued that one with him a time or two because, well, I never 100% believed  him…until:

yup…that is my 3 year old daughter out mastering skills I didn’t even have until I was 8. (embarrassing thing to admit huh?  ha ha. ) I guess it is possible my husband was telling the truth…oh boy, don’t I feel bad. :-]

So, here are a few bike tricks (taught to me by my landlord) that ought to help your little one learn to ride a bike, in only a few days (no joke!)

***If you are trying to teach a fairly young child, make sure that they are comfortable with riding the bike with training wheels first. They should be able to steer, pedal, and most importantly break…once they have mastered those skills I think they would be ready to try to learn how to ride***

1. Take off the  training wheels AND the pedals. Yup. Using a wrench just do like I said and take  ’em off!

2. Lower the seat so that your child can touch the ground using flat feet. (both feet should be flat…not just one)

3. Let your child learn how to balance and “glide”. (Always, with a helmet…Audrey was just posing for me so she didn’t have hers on)Have them kick start down the sidewalk and try to lift up their feet while they ride…it took my daughter about 5 minutes to understand what I was trying to make her do…but then she just went off and did it.

4. Put the pedals back on. After you feel like your child has mastered the technique of balancing that is. I let Audrey ride her bike for a good 4 days without pedals before we put them back on.

5. Watch your child ride away…and realize that they don’t need you anymore. ha ha. just kidding. I’m still the one who makes lunch. :-)


  1. This is amazing !I’m very impressed!
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  2. Great tips. I can’t believe she can ride a two wheeler. But on the other hand she is one determined little girl once she wants to do something. So maybe I can believe.
    Leslee´s last blog post ..The best advice


  3. Some cautions need to be taken while teaching your little one to ride a bike. The bike should not have any sharp edges, and should preferably be made of plastic so that he’s not hurt due to any unforeseen mishap.
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  4. That’s exactly how my son learned to ride! We got him a “ride bike”, which doesn’t have pedals. It really develops their balance! Now, a year later, he’s happily riding his regular two-wheeler, and teaching himself to ride with no hands.


  5. I just taught my 5 year old to ride today. Still trying to get him started on his own. But he definitely has the balancing down.


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