Boo Hoo. Somebody Call the Waambulance.


I feel so bad that I haven’t blogged at all in almost a week…I have been so sick. My daughter has had this cold—almost all winter long. She gets sick, then kind of gets better, then gets sick again, and so it goes on and on and on. Oh, I wish Winter would just END! I totally blame all my  woes on Winter.

Well, after being thrown up on, and coughed on, and sneezed on (etc…I will spare you the chunky details) I am now sick as well, and this is one mean little bug. I haven’t done much in days. My house is a wreck. My husband had to eat his cereal (he’s lucky there was cereal=) out of tupperware this morning because of course there isn’t a clean dish in the house, and you don’t even want to ask me about my pile of laundry…

PLUS—I am going to be having 2 extra kids spending the week at my house (starting tomorrow). So, I will have a 4  year old (neighbor kid), 3 year old (my kid), 2 year old (neighbor kid) and a 10 month old (mine). And with my husband working 65 hour weeks…well, lets just say It’s going to be a long week for me too. It would be enough work if I was feeling well…now, I’m not even sure I will survive. ha ha.

So, I’m pumping my body full of fluids and vitamins. I’m heading off right now to take a nap. I’m praying that I will miraculously be healed by tomorrow. And I am looking forward to a fun filled week…that unfortunately does not include blogging. So, I will miss you FloralShowers…and I will miss all you lovely readers. Zzz. zzz. zzz.

This is Anne.

Signing off.



  1. Oh dear, Anne. I’m sorry. Good luck.


  2. Hey Anne,
    I totally sympathize with you about feeling sick. I’m not as sick as you but I have some sort of horrible coughy thing. I’m a follower now so I’ll be checking back in later. I hope you feel better soon and survive this week!

    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Love for Haiti Quilt Auction UPDATE =-.


  3. Sad day Anne! Hey I saw this & thought of you & Audrey. Could be fun!


  4. oh.. i hope you all feel better soon… is not fun to be sick


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