The Topic Is About to Change


I am a terrible blogger.

Hmm. Maybe that isn’t the best way to start off this post…you might take it the wrong way. Like I’m having a pity party for myself, or I just am feeling depressed or negative. But the truth is, that isn’t it at all.

I am a terrible blogger, not just because I don’t post very often (though, I suppose in its own way, that could also make me a terrible blogger.) But it is because I have a blog, and I don’t think I have yet found my voice…or my passion.

Crafts are fun and great, and I would like to be an extremely crafty person. But the truth is that I don’t have very many unique ideas. I am a wannabe crafter. And a wannabe crafter blogger. really. truly. I love to copy all the crafty people out there, and that can be fun and exciting (for me sometimes), but those other people should be the ones with their own craft blogs (oh wait, they already do…he he.) Crafts are their passion, and even though I wish they were mine, the truth is, they aren’t.

I am not in love with crafting. wow. Glad that is finally out of the bag ;-)

About a month ago I also shared a little secret with my sister…and you know what, she laughed when I told her. I guess she thought it was funny that I had kept it a secret for so long:

I hate to sew.

phew. I said it in public.


I don’t know why it took me so long to admit that to myself. Maybe because my family has always considered me to be “the crafty one.” But the honest gosh golly truth is that I like to sew Halloween costumes. That’s it. The whole enchilada.

I’m just gonna let that idea settle for a minute.


Isn’t it silly, how we grow up thinking we are a certain type of person…and then when it all comes down to it, we really are someone totally different. In a way that is exciting because it is new and it has endless possibilities. But in another way it is scary. Who am I? Who is this girl, who could almost care less if she owned a sewing machine? Who is this girl who would rather buy pillows at Target than make her own? Who is this girl who has NO IDEA what color to paint her bedroom, or how to coordinate a bed spread, or make her own headboard? On my blog…I know how to do these things. Easy Breezy. No sweat. But in real life. ugh.

It is true that I occasionally like to crochet up a hat, or knit up a quick scarf or washcloth, and I occasionally like making homemade gifts. But getting the camera out, and writing up long tutorials. I almost always hate it. They simply take too long…and I rarely find any joy in it. Should I even bother blogging anymore if it doesn’t bring me joy?

I am beginning to think not.

And yet, I do find joy in blogging (in and of itself). Sometimes at least, and especially if I am given the right topic.

The truth is: I am in a rut. And my blog is in a rut. A big ol’ crafting rut. And things have got to change.

Things are going to change.

So, there was the heads up…and I hope you don’t mind.



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  2. Love your honesty, my dear!


    Anne Reply:

    :-) Thanks Nan!


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